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RIVERVIEW PARK- HOW DID WE GET HERE By Sally Maio, former City Clerk

This document lays out the history of attainment of parcels and projects via grants, donations and city funding to create Riverview Park. It represents the very long and tedious process of developing a new center for Sebastian recreation and activities for the benefit of the public over a period of 40 years beginning in 1976 and represents the hard work of public officials and staff to make good things happen.

In the end Riverview Park has become a center, a venue for celebrations, art, music, ceremonies, parade destinations, festivals, food, veterans memorials and ceremonies, SK start and finish, movies for children, homecoming festivities, parking for boating activities, kayak and canoe launch, wildlife observation, and an historic memorial to wildlife preservation. There is still more to come!

December 1976 - Mr. Burr offered to sell city 25 lots in Edgewater Park subdivision for recreational purposes; Mr. Gray suggested the Council study the matter in depth before turning it down as price was good, and that wording "for recreational purposes" be changed to "for public use;' Mr. Szeluga suggested writing Mr. Burr to let him the matter under advisement

January 1977 - Letter from FJ. Burr confirming he would attend February workshop to discuss City's possible purchase of his property

March 1977 - Mayor reported that no action would be taken on Floyd Wilkes' appraisal of Burr property in Edgewater Park subdivision until its use could be determined; if use were recreational, Mayor would contact Mr. Fromke of Dept. of Natural Resources to see if State funds could be secured for its purchase

Adopted Resolution R-77-6, dedicating 25 lots in Edgewater Park subdivision for public use

December 1978 - Mr. Vocelle stated City has lease purchase agreement with Mr. Burr on property on SR 512 and now desires to exercise its right to purchase same; meeting set for January 9 at title company in Vero Beach; Mr. Vocelle said if City does not exercise its right to purchase, monies paid in thus far would be forfeited; Council authorized Mayor and City Clerk to attend meeting and pay necessary funds; Mr. Vocelle stated this property is dedicated in perpetuity for public use and can never be sold for private purposes

October 1980 - Discussed the dedication of the Burr property as a park, decision to be made at next meeting. Resolution adopted dedicating the Burr property as a public park and recreation area. It was agreed that if the park was ever named, it should include the name Burr

June 1981 - Passed motion by Council Member Votapka to advise Mr. Vickers in a letter that the railroad station be moved to the Burr property, Sebastian Park within the next nine months

February 1982 - Passed motion to allow the Sebastian River Art Club to use the Burr property for their spring art show on March 3 & 4 and passed motion to discuss suggestions for renaming Burr property at workshop meeting March 3

March 1982 - Passed motion to turn the naming of the Burr property over to the Fourth of July Committee

May 1982 - Passed motion to approve an Octoberfest celebration on the Burr property October 2

July 1982 - Adopted a Resolution naming the Burr Property as the Sebastian Riverview Park

May 1983 - Adopted a Resolution to submit to the Florida Recreations Development Assistance Program an application to the State Department of Natural Resources for park development at the Sebastian Riverview Park, property located in the SE¼ section 6, township 31 S, range 39 E, including block 7, lots 1 to 25 of the Edgewater Park Subdivision and block 13 and lots 1 to 5 plus an on-designated parcel n of lot N and S of the Sebastian yacht Club, Edgewater Park Subdivision, authorizing an amount equal to fair market appraised

Passed motion to have Armfield Houch Appraisal and Research, Inc. appraise the Sebastian Riverview Park property for the fixed fee not exceed $2,500.00

November 1983 - Adopted a Resolution authorizing proper city officials to submit a Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program Grant Application to the state Dept. of Natural Resources for park development at Riverview Park in the amount of $150,000

November 16. 1983 - Passed motion to reimburse the parks & rec chairman, the city engineer, and the mayor for travel to Tallahassee to present the grant application for Riverview Park

January 18. 1984 - Passed motion to permit the Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce to hold a barbeque and serve beer at Riverview Park on March 24

February 1984 - Passed motion to allow the Sebastian Riverview Art Club the use of Riverview Park for a spring art show March 3 and 4 and winter show October 27 and 28

April 1984 - Passed motion to take the necessary legal action to advertise for proposals from firms on the Riverview Park development

June 1984 - Passed motion to a.ward the engineering for Riverview Park to the firm of Sipple and Masteller - Adopted a Resolution authorizing the city to enter into a project agreement under the FL Recreation Dept Assistance Program for engineering and construction of improvements to Riverview Park - Adopted a Resolution authorizing the city to enter into a project agreement under the FL Recreation Dept Assistance Program with Sipple, Masteller, Lorenz, and Hoover, Inc. for engineering contract and project inspection to Riverview Park

November 1984 - Bids were opened for Riverview Park and referred to the awards committee and the city engineer for recommendation

December 1984 - Passed motion to award the bid for construction of Riverview Park to Unlimited Development in the amount of $133,000.43

February 1985 - Passed motion to allow the Garden Club to erect a monument in Riverview Park honoring William Bartrum

June 1985 - Passed motion to accept the gracious offer of the fourth of July committee to donate a flagpole to Riverview Park

July 10 1985 Passed a motion to place on the agenda for discussion and possible action, the purchase of a 40' wide piece of property directly north of the yacht club owned by Paul Stephenson

Passed a motion to place on the agenda for discussion and possible action, the purchase of property directly north of Riverview Park (beginning of Cavcorp discussions)

Passed motion to go for an appraisal of Mr. Stephenson's property directly north of the yacht club for possible purchase by the city

Passed motion that the mayor's office look into the possible acquisition of the property located on US 1 and CR512, currently owned by Dr. Fischer and other, and authorized the mayor to go for an appraisal for discussion and consideration

September 1986 - Passed motion to instruct the city attorney to draft a Resolution to place on the ballot, November 4, 1986, authorization for the city council to borrow up to one million dollars for purchase of property north of Riverview Park, build a new police department and the balance to be used for purchase of road equipment

Passed on first reading a Resolution providing for the holding of a non-binding (straw ballot) referendum in the city on the fourth day of November 1986 on the question of whether the city should borrow up to one million dollars to purchase 3.32 acres of unimproved real property north of Riverview Park, east of US 1, and west of Indian River Drive for approximately five hundred thousand dollars to construct a new police station for approximately two hundred thousand dollars or more and to purchase approximately three hundred thousand of equipment for the public works dept.

Passed motion to authorize the finance director to proceed with the one million dollar loan application for a fee of $3,000

October 1986 - Passed motion to approve the lease of property north of Riverview Park

The 4th of July Committee donated electrical outlets for Riverview Park in the amount of $2200.

June 1987 - Passed motion to place the lease for the Fischer property on US 1 adjacent to Riverview Park for the 4th of July

June 1989 - CAVCORP Property (No Backup) - Following a brief discussion, the following motion was made to authorize the City Manager to enter into negotiations for the possible purchase of the CAVCORP property adjacent to Riverview Park. Carried 4-1

October 1990 - Vice Mayor Oberbeck recommended that Council investigate securing Indian River Drive from the County to begin development of the Riverfront District.

November 15. 1990 - Special Meeting to establish a Sebastian Riverfront Study committee

February 1991 - Riverview Park Drainage - The City Manager gave presentation of a conceptual plan for the strip park adjacent to Riverview Park, requested Council's approval of the concept, stated that there was $4000 budgeted for the project, said a monument would be placed in honor of former Mayor Paul Stevenson and said he would take the concept to the Riverfront Committee.

At this time motion was made on the Randy Mosby proposal for Riverview Park drainage engineering

Riverview Park - Stephenson Tract Randy Mosby, Mosby and Associates, stated he had resigned from the Riverfront Committee and responded to suggestion from Vice Mayor Oberbeck for additional parking spaces. The City Manager said it was possible to construct more parking spaces across the street in Riverview Park and that he would take this item to the Riverfront Committee for its comment. Council concurred

April 1991 - Councilman Holyk said, reporting on his attendance at the last County Commission meeting, the commission would like direct input from City Council and volunteered as a council liaison; expressed concern for the location of a gas station on the CAVCORP property adjacent to Riverview Park and suggested Council pursue purchasing the rest of the lot.

May 1991 - Agenda item - Riverview Park Improvement Project - Swim Grant Funds

The City Planner presented the SWIM Grant proposal for the Riverview Park Improvement Project to City Council, provided photos of the subject property, addressed citizen concerns by stating that the retention area will be usable space although not for parking, and urged approval of the recommended $21,000 in matching funds. Randy Mosby, Mosby and Associates, presented the engineering plan to City Council and explained the function of the retention area. It was noted that there were available capital projects funds for this project. Council approved 5-0 going out to bid.

The City Manager reported on his on-going negotiation for the lease purchase of a portion of the CAVCORP property and said he would receive a report of CAVCORP's meeting in the next day or two.

June 12 1991- CAVCORP Property Lease Purchase-The City Manager recommended approval for a ninety day lease of the property which would include an executed hold harmless agreement, during which time the bid procedure can be waived so that requests for proposals can be obtained for an appraisal of the property and financing can be sought for the purchase. The City Attorney advised that before approving a hold harmless agreement, staff check with the city's insurer to see if the property would be covered under the city's current policy.

Motion by Council to direct the City Manager to enter into a ninety day hold harmless lease agreement with CAVCORP and to engage an appraiser. The City Attorney advised against a hold harmless agreement and Councilmen Reid and Holyk directed "hold harmless" be removed from the motion.

June 26 1991- Item B -CAVCORP Property Lease Councilman Powell stated for the record that he will vote NO for purchase or lease of the CAVCORP property. The City Manager requested Council authorization to pay $810 per month in property taxes on the CAVCORP ninety day lease and said purchase of additional insurance beyond the city insurer's coverage of the CAVCORP property will be needed to indemnify CAVCORP for the ninety day lease and Superamerica for the 4th of July in the amount of $830. Attorney Torpy advised that Council approve the purchase of the additional insurance.

Vice Mayor Oberbeck stated he would go along with the ninety day lease and lease purchase based on use of city funds only for property acquisition to be used by residents only. Councilman Powell said he would concur with tonights' recommendation but had concerns he would address before the actual purchase. Council approved lease

August 1991 - Vice Mayor Oberbeck withdrew item J - Waive Bid Procedure to Purchase Pre-School Playground Equipment -Dominica Recreation Products Proposal -$5,221.00 and questioned why the installation price was removed and when did the Council approve this purchase. The City Manager responded that the intent is to move certain equipment from Candy Land Park (in Main Street City Park Area) to Riverview Park and contrary to staff recommendation, he concurred with Vice Mayor Oberbeck that Dominica should be responsible for the installation of the equipment. Council moved to approve a contract in the amount of $6596 to Dominica Recreation Products to furnish the equipment and to install it at Riverview Park as per the specification and be sure that they're properly licensed.

Following presentation by the City Planner and a brief discussion, it was the consensus of the majority of Council to discontinue pursuit of grant funding for the CAVCORP property.

September 1991 - Bid Award - Riverview Park Phase I - Henry Fischer & Sons, Inc. - $23,502.84 approved

The Director of Community Development gave a brief report on available riverfront properties. The City Manager noted that the CAVCORP property appraisal was received this date and would be presented to Motion by Council to direct the City Attorney to prepare documents necessary to purchase CAV Corp. property passed.

October 1991-Council approved purchase of CAVcorp property-This property was 2/3 of the original property considered earlier owned by CAV Corporation-1/3 was sold to Superamerica Inc. for a gas station while councils were considering purchasing the entire lot earlier (to north of Riverview Park which would eventually become Riverfront parking)

November 1991 - RESOLUTION NO. R-91-45 - Authorizing CAVCorp Property Loan and Acquisition passed 4-1

July 1992 -The City Manager discussed the placement of the volleyball court in the Riverview Park retention area and the fact that it does not impede drainage. He said he had directed the City Engineer to discuss the improvement with St. Johns River Water Management District

Special Meeting held in July for the Riverfront District Study. The City Attorney was directed to begin preparing draft language for a proposed Riverfront District preservation and zoning ordinance. Further motions approved to identify achievable development activities within park areas along the riverfront and consider bikepaths, sidewalks and determine theme lighting, authorize staff to continue to discuss and reach some agreement with Indian River County for the utilization of the Indian River Drive right-of-way, study the economics of full-scale preservation and development activity within the Riverfront District, identifying anticipated expenditures and recommended financing sources.

Mass mailing to Indian River Drive property owners updated directives for acquisition was left to the discretion of staff.

January 1993 -Council approved plan of action for the Riverfront project and authorized staff to secure the necessary information for Council.

Council awarded the proposal for Riverfront surveying from Rod Reed Public Land Surveyor in the amount of $8,230 and awarded Brad Smith for $1,950.00 for the conceptual plan for Riverview Park North (Cavcorp).

Council moved to approve the use of the facilities at Riverview Park, Cavcorp property, Stevenson property, the Yacht Club facility, and close the Fellsmere Road extension east side and accept the kind contribution of $3200 and utilize that moneys to cover the cost of the festivities for Pelican Island Day. This would be the 90th Anniversary of the establishment of Pelican Island in 1903 through the efforts of Paul Kroegel and designated by President Theodore Roosevelt. The 100th 3 day celebration would take place in March 2003.

September 1993 -Council was receiving a large amount of requests for use of Riverview Park and began a review of Riverview Park Use policy.

March 1993 -Riverview Park Boardwalk bids awarded to Capp Custom Builders Inc.

May 1993 - Riverview Park Conceptual Design_agenda item - need for parking spaces in the plan was discussed. Mr. Smith advised that there may be other alternatives to turning the entire north property over to parking and suggested the city may want to conduct a parking study. Project funding sources were discussed. The City Manager recommended that grant funding could be pursued and could be supplemented by the one cent county option gas tax.

It was the consensus of City Council that it concurs with the closing of Fellsmere Road, the pavillion concept is acceptable with phasing, that parking and funding issues have to be addressed and the conceptual plan be revised accordingly.

August 1993 -Sebastian Chamber of Commerce Director John Malek presented the idea of City Christmas festivities called Winter Wonderland in Riverview Park beginning with a boat parade from Main Street to the Yacht Club and festivities in Riverview Park from Dec 3 through the holidays - for many years the Christmas events were held in Main Street areas City Park from 1930s through at least the 70s or 80s

January 1994 - Riverview Park Bank Stabilization Project began discussions to determine best method to stabilize the erosion along the shoreline of Riverview Park and Council approved the agreement with Coastal Technology, Corp. in the amount of $1,950

February 1994 - Riverview Park Conceptual Plan agenda item - discussion took place on moving the pavilion further to the east side of the park, but no changes were made and the City Engineer was directed to proceed with a survey

March 1995 - during agenda item on Community Development Block Grant discussion took place on merit of the Cavcorp property as a parking lot

April 1994 - Mrs. Corum suggested that staff be directed to look into a master plan for the Riverfront as soon as possible; inquired about the letter from DEP regarding the meeting on Riverview Park shoreline stabilization and noted that there was a Council consensus for the City Engineer to pursue this as a SWIM/SWAC project when it was discussed as an agenda item; and suggested shoreline vegetation and wave break rather than revetment be used for stabilization

August 1995-Agenda Item Cost Share Agreement -Sebastian Riverview Park Shoreline Restoration -St. John's River Water Management District & City of Sebastian approved by Council

March 1996 - Bid and Contract Award -Supply and Haul Coquina Boulders for Sebastian Riverview Park Shoreline Stabilization Project - Florida Aggregates Intergroup, Inc., Ft. Pierce - $25.36 Per Ton Boulders - 2 to 2 ½ Feet in Diameter and $24.60 Per Ton - 6" to 9" in Diameter

Mr. Barnes announced the Community Volunteer Day for the Riverview Park Shoreline stabilization project to fill in coquina rock on April 12 and 13.

June 5 1996 - Lengthy discussions about direction of Riverfront planning - Resolution R-96-43 to Establish Theme for Riverfront - "Old Florida Fishing Village" 3rd draft considered

October 1996 - Resolution No. R-96-76-CRA Engineering, Inc. Supplemental Agreement No. 1- Riverview Park Parking Area (North Property aka Cavcorp) considered

Lengthy discussions on objections to use of grant funds for a parking lot, the direction the Riverfront plan is taking, how the Committee intended to bring items to the Council, whether as one final plan or piecemeal.

Tom Collins, Chairman of the Riverfront Committee, addressed City Council, stating that the committee has not had any involvement in the parking lot or the bikepaths proposed for the Riverfront. He said the committee had only proposed a theme thus far and was seeking City Council concurrence with the theme at this time. He said due to past submittal of a plan which was not enacted by the City it might be better to introduce items in a piecemeal fashion.

The City Manager explained the many issues involving the Riverfront such as the Community Development Block Grant currently being administered by CRA, the re-establishment of the Riverfront Study Committee and the MPO bikepath grant. He said he had invited Robert Johnson, Clark, Roumelis, to address the Riverfront Committee on the CDBG at its last meeting. The City Attorney suggested that Council set aside a time to meet as the Community Development Agency and possibly utilize the Riverfront Committee as an advisory committee to the CRA.

The City Manager said there is currently no final parking plan for the Cavcorp property and ultimately, City Council could decide to forfeit the grant. He said he intends to meet with FDOT to attempt to revise the MPO bikepath project.

Mayor Cartwright described the changes in the third revision and recommended references in the whereas clauses to the committee state "1996".

Ruth Sullivan, member of Citizens Advisory Task Force, said that committee does not intend to lose the bikepaths and the City Manager said he would like to sit down and talk to Mrs. Sullivan about bikepath concerns.

Motion on the resolution was approved,

In response to Vice Mayor Barnes' question about the boundaries of the district, the City Manager said although boundaries are established and fixed from the Community Redevelopment area, the City Council has the authority to

Merits of use of Cavcorp as a parking lot continued throughout 1996.

January 1977 - Council again took up Park Use policy in response to increased requests for Riverview Park.

February 1977 - Following lengthy discussion of the Cavcorp property conceptual plan motion and recommendation to Council by the Director of Community Development for approval of the conceptual site plan as amended for final engineering by CRA Engineers, and to come back at bid time to assure that staff has done what was directed, Council adopted the conceptual site plan for parking improvements on the Cavcorp property as amended at that meeting was approved 5-0.

March 1997 - Council Member Paul recommended that the City look into obtaining a moveable band shell for use in Riverview Park.

May 1997 - The City Manager explained the proposal for sale of the mobile home park south of Riverview Park in an amount of $660,000. Chuck Cunningham, Bird Realty Group, Inc. addressed City Council. The City Manager said staff could look into what grants may be available if Council wishes. City Council members said they were opposed to the idea because they felt the property should remain on the tax rolls and that the City had inadequate funding at this time.

June 1977 - Council approved Resolution No. R-97-35 - Approving Placement of Statue of Paul Kroegel in Riverview Park East by the Indian River County Historical Society

Council approved the design of the proposed observation pier at Riverview Park shoreline, utilizing 12" pilings

April 1998 - City Manager Tom Frame said he had scheduled a May 11, 1998 meeting with Chris Mora, Indian River County Traffic; and reported that he had been contacted by a grants person with SJRWMD who said the City may be eligible 50/50 for purchase of the Good Fellows Mobile Home Park (adjacent to Riverview Park) and that he will pursue it.

October 1998 - Resolution No. R-98-45 - Authorizing the City Manager to Apply for Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Grant for expansion of Riverview Park approved and _Resolution No. R-98-46 Capital Improvement Budget Adjustment to Include Expansion of Riverview Park approved

April 1999 - Florida Communities Trust Preservation 2000 Grant (this item was added to the agenda) The Interim City Manager (Moore) presented staffs request for direction on an available FCT grant for purchase of approximately two acres adjacent to the property being sought for purchase (Good Guys) through a FRDAP grant. City Council approved

appropriation of not to exceed $8,230 to Cape Canaveral Scientific in pursuit of the grant for the piece of property described as the proposed two acres FCT land acquisition. It was noted that this was a 100% grant and the purchase price would be negotiated by the state.

June 1999 - City Manager reported on Riverview Park expansion in light of budget cuts, stating that the Good Guys property has been included in the grant application for the adjacent Riverview property.

July 1999 - Agenda item - Approve and Authorize City Manager to Execute Agreement for Option to Purchase Good Guy Inc. Property Adjacent to Riverview Park The City Manager said he will be making a presentation before the County Commission to solicit additional funding, and noted there is a proposal for Preservation 2000 funding approved

The City Attorney said the City could request an extension to the first right of refusal, and the City Manager suggested approval contingent upon revision of date references

August 1999 - the City Manager announced that Indian River County Commissioners have approved $200,000 toward purchase of the Good Guys property adjacent (south) of Riverview Park, reported on the upcoming presentation before Florida Communities Trust Board, and acknowledged Indian River County officials and staff for their leadership in this matter.

October 1999 - City Manager reported on the Indian River County agreement for allocation of $200,000 for the Good Guys property, which will be on the Tuesday commission agenda and will come to Council in the near future

December 1, 1999 - City Manager announced the 11/30/99 closing on the Good Guys Property

December 2000 - appropriate $23,860 to fund the Riverview Park Playground Equipment Replacement and purchase the playground equipment from Southern Park and Play Station, Inc. under City of Jacksonville bid #SC-0463-00 for $21,000

September 2001- Funds are budgeted for the Veterans Memorial in Riverview Park south

December 2001- following a year of debate on the appropriate location for the 75th Anniversary Millennium Clock Tower was purchased and placed in the Cavcorp property north of Riverview Park during, The 75th anniversary of the incorporation of Sebastian (Dec 8, 1924) was December 8, 1999. The 75th Anniversary celebration took place in December of 2000.

August 2002 - Contract for Construction of the Pad and Wall Portion of the Veterans Memorial awarded to Ch ii berg Construction of Vero Beach in the Amount of $21,900.00

2004 - Twin Piers Project at Riverview Park East began

2011- The Four Chaplains Memorial is constructed and dedicated in Riverview Park South adjacent to the Veterans Memorial

2011-2016 Improvement to the north parking lot (old CAVCorp property) begins.

Riverview Park/CavCorp Enhancement Project is approved and Infrastructure Engineers, Inc. is awarded the contract for design. Conceptuals, revisions, enhancements and public hearings will continue on into 2016 as differences are ironed out and the project is finally awarded to Tim Rose Construction in 2016.

Projects to enhance Riverview Park project continue right into 2023 with current plans to enhance the south parking lot/splash pad area.

Thank you Mr. Burr

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